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Josh Godin is a classically trained artist currently working as a Senior Concept Artist at Machine Zone in the San Francisco Bay Area video games scene. He specializes in speedy ideation, photo-bash/3D-paintover, gameplay environment mockup and character design. He can also pull a clean hop 360 on his loyal sidekick, Anton... especially if nobody's watching.


E-mail: joshgodin@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Josh Godin

Name: Josh Godin

Title: Senior Concept Artist, Machine Zone

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA, EARTH

Weapons: Photoshop (16 years), SketchUp, Maya,
ZBrush, V-Ray, SketchBook + gallons of coffee

Watchin': Newsroom, Bob's Burgers

Listenin': Kendrick Lamar, Horse the Band, Kid Cudi,
Smashing Pumpkins, The Warriors, The Faint